Light Arrow: Inter-American Development Bank, Washington DC, USA.

The IDB Staff Association Art Gallery presents LIGHT ARROW, a solo exhibition by the late US artist Ariane Hafizi-Marianovich. This exhibition gather 23 artworks -mostly on paper- created by Ariane throughout her life as an artist and her reflections. The chronological sequence of the few works left by the young artist was an attempt by her mother Carmen who relied on her memories and intuition, since they were rarely signed and never dated by the artist. The Spanish art critic José Ignacio Abeijon Giráldez shares his experience upon encountering Ariane's work and realizing that what remains is but a small part of what she painted: "Amid this initial bewilderment, I was immediately struck by the force of these works acquired once I laid hands on them. Surrounded in her studio by a set of works that Ariane's parents had collected from her Brooklyn studio when she fell ill in 2012, I felt a great intensity of the sort evoked only by true works of art. The magnetism emitted by most of them, including the small-format pictures, captivated me from the very outset with their quality, personality and profundity."