Art and Sensitivity: Galeria Juan Risso, Madrid, Spain

On Saturday, April 6, 2019, the Juan Risso Gallery opened its first solo exhibition of Ariane Hafizi. Full of lyricism, coherence and life force, this artist died at the age of 33 victim of breast cancer.
This posthumous exhibition shows for the first time her work in Spain through two series of paintings created during the years that Hafizi lived in New York. The first is a set of drawings made in 2004 from photographs she took of the demonstrations against the Iraq War in 2003. In the second series, dated 2005, she addresses with a great freedom the theme of the female nude. The selection is completed with several examples of her most intimate painting, with watercolors in small format made while receiving cancer treatment between 2013 and 2014.
In the words of the curator of the exhibition, José Ignacio Abeijón, "The fruit of Ariane's personal work and her meditations, both in her life and in her art, seems to transcend nature to integrate into it, to form a single and indissoluble whole.